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Nicholas Bravo and his team of coaches and consultants works closely with entrepreneurs, established musicians and artists in the music industry, professional athletes as well as CEO’s who oversee multi-million dollar companies providing support, time management strategies, marketing solutions, and coaching. Nicholas was recently hired by a multi-million dollar company that had lost approx. 40% of their total company sales. Bravo coached the president weekly, helped provide a marketing face-lift, created a commercial department, and helped increase sales to recover the losses from years prior. Bravo and his team has extensive experience in many industries and are a resource of knowledge, ingenuity, and creativity. Nicholas and Dream Builders will help provide you with the necessary support you need to move your organization forward!


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Services include Accountability Coaching, Time Management, Strategic Planning, Sales Training and Business Development Coaching and Consulting
Overseeing a company can be a daunting task and poses many challenges and its important to stay focused, encouraged and motivated.  It’s easy for a mind to get cluttered and overwhelmed.  Leaders in any organization need support, perspective, and creative solutions. Nicholas Bravo and his team have worked with many large organizations that simply desire to take their company to the next level of success and Nicholas has also worked with mid size organizations that needed encouragement, truth, and real life solutions. Every professional athlete has a coach, someone to help encourage, push, and develop their talent to the highest level. Everyone needs a coach and the most successful business leaders and individuals have coaches. We all have blind spots. Your blind spot can be costing you more than you know. Leaders who are not willing to seek help, acknowledge their weakness, and in the process of doing things “Their way” have crippled their organizations potential. So you want to be the best? Talk is cheap, make a move.  Set up a Free Consultation and start the process of accelerating the direction of your organization, your life, and your dreams!  No short cuts.   “As goes the leader, so goes the followers.” If your unsatisfied with your companies production, your employees, or your results then have Nicholas and his team come in and evaluate your organization and provide real time solutions that will help to strengthen infrastructure, company culture, and create a place of unprecedented productivity.   The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. Do something different Contact Dream Builders.

Some of the coaching may include but not limited to:
-Weekly, monthly, quarterly goal setting, Planning and implementation, schedule and time management, accountability, constructive feedback, encouragement, leadership development, etc.