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"I met Nick Bravo last summer. I was coming off a long career as a Chief Executive Officer in the Healthcare sector for a chain of successful medical facilities. I had planned on Consulting and helping other organizations in becoming more effective and efficient. However, due to the nature of my new endeavor, I was not really focused or completely confident in my approach. Nick came along side me initially with some excellent Coaching. He energized me with his enthusiasm and approach, while also equipping me with some tips for success. However, we then had a breakthrough session using NLP. This was a real transformative experience for me which revealed several internal negative emotions/beliefs that I was anchored to and invested in. Through this session Nick was able to shift me to a place of Abundance, Confidence and Focus that I was not able to achieve on my own. Since that time a few months ago, I have partnered with a longtime friend and business acquaintance to launch a new Leadership Development Company. I highly recommend Nick as both a Coach for people that want to move forward in their life, but also ones that want to achieve significant breakthroughs in negative emotions/beliefs and mind sets that are holding them back. Based on results it was a “Home Run” for me to meet and work with Nick Bravo."

– Alan Gleghorn

"Nicholas Bravo and his company, Dream Builders, has worked successfully over the past year with our organization, Quaker Meadow Ministries, Inc. Nicholas was originally brought on to assist with sales and marketing, however has also done an excellent job building good customer relationships and helping us identify and work through specific organizational issues. Nicholas has proven to be a man of his word and is to be commended for his integrity and professionalism. I have no reservations recommending Nicholas and his company, Dream Builders, to anyone in need of mentoring with regards to management or organizational issues."

– Dennis Treziack

"Working for a Billionaire, while being a CEO over $100 Million Dollars worth of companies can be very demanding, Nicholas has ensured my laser focus shifts to the areas of my life I would rather neglect in pursuit of a dream or goal. I know I would not have the balance, satisfaction, or depth in my life without his commitment and support"

– Jordan White

"I've recently been given the opportunity to run a dealership as the General Manager in the beautiful state of Hawaii. With Nicholas' Coaching I've been able to stay on track, move and grow my sales team in the direction we need to go to be a top performing dealership in the state. Nicholas truly is a great leader, mentor and coach. Thanks for teaching me how to lead and motivate my team!"

– Kevin Smith

"I wanted to take a moment to thank my Dream Builders Accountability Coach!!! If you guys are looking for an accountability coach this company has great coaches that will encourage and support "YOU" Every artist, layman and business man needs a coach!"

– Lauren Boyd

"I just experienced NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Breakthrough session with Nick Bravo in LA. WOW! My inner and outer life has changed dramatically. My husband asked me, "Who are you?" Then he laughed because he's seen so much change, and yes this has completely changed how I run my company and the teams that I oversee. Everything has changed."

- Norma Carlozzi

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